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School Visits

I love meeting with readers and am available for virtual school visits or in-person classroom
visits in NYC. 
Focusing on students in the middle grades, I offer a variety of programs to meet your group’s educational and inspirational needs.
Please get in touch with me for rates, availability and booking details.

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Length: 30-45 minutes, includes Q&A

During this visit, I’ll read an excerpt from my books and facilitate a discussion about the
characters, settings, and themes.

The Path to Publication
Length: 45-60 minutes, includes Q&A

In this presentation, we will explore how stories go from ideas to published books. Using
examples from GLITTER GETS EVERYWHERE and THE HOUSE SWAP, students will learn
about my writing process, see first-hand how books change during the editing process, discover
how covers are created, and my best tips for writers of all ages. 

Writing Workshop
Best for small to medium groups, grades 3+
Length: 45-60 minutes (Ideally includes time for student writing)

In this customizable workshop, I will lead a brief discussion about writing realistic characters,
setting, plot and dialogue. We will work together as a group before students break out to develop
their own ideas, using a prompt or sample passage to spark ideas.

Here are some testimonials from my recent school visits.

“Yvette Clark spoke to our 6th graders for an author visit and was fantastic! First, she gave a
little background information, read the first chapter of her first book, and then shared her
experience writing. Her message was powerful and positive. Our Director of Middle School, a
former English teacher, was so impressed she invited Yvette to return and speak to our 7th

Maria Falgoust

Head Librarian

International School of Brooklyn

“Yvette Clark visited with our 6th-grade students virtually, and she was such a delight! She read a chapter from her newest book, The House Swap, which sparked much interest! So many of the students want to read the book now! She kindly answered all our student’s questions about the writing process and explained that drawing from personal experiences can lead to dynamic stories. We loved our visit with Yvette Clark! I hope to have her visit again and highly recommend her for your school.”

Sara Darden


Travis Middle School




“Yvette is a wonderful visitor to have in your class. In addition to doing readings from both of
her books, she did a writing prompt activity, which my students loved. She was always open to
answering questions about the writing process, the development of her characters and books, and
the publishing industry. Yvette is engaging and knowledgeable, and students looked forward to
her virtual visits. We enjoyed reading “Glitter Gets Everywhere” as a class and having a chance
to ask Yvette questions directly added a whole new level to students’ appreciation and
understanding of the book. I highly recommend having Yvette visit your class as an addition to
your Language Arts program.”

Jenny Brooks
Grade 5/6 Teacher

Lexington Public School


“Our 5th-grade class was lucky enough to have Yvette Clark talk with us. She shared a part of her debut book, Glitter Gets Everywhere, with our class, and the kids are already so excited to read it! The class was full of questions about the writing process, naming characters, and the steps it takes to publish a book. Yvette answered them all and more, inspiring and exciting my students to want to write even more. I would gladly open my classroom to another visit from Yvette and can’t wait to share her book with my current students and future ones!” 

Sarah Barry

5th Grade Teacher

Eisenhower Elementary School


“Our 7th graders had an amazing opportunity to visit and chat with author Yvette Clark! I can tell you that the students absolutely LOVED meeting with Yvette and learning more about her debut novel, Glitter Gets Everywhere! Our librarians are in the process of ordering a few copies of the novel for our school library! Yvette Clark is simply awesome, and it was an amazing learning experience inviting her to our school.”

Robin Woodfolk

6th Grade Assistant Principal

Bailey Bridge Middle School


“Our year six students thoroughly enjoyed Yvette Clark’s author visit. They were so delighted
with her reading of chapter one of THE HOUSE SWAP that they requested chapter two! After
the reading, Yvette answered students’ questions about writing and publishing.”

Joslynn Clark

Library Technician

Saltus Grammar School

"My 6th graders had a fabulous time during a virtual visit from Yvette. They loved hearing about Yvette’s childhood in England and how she loves to read books. They are looking forward to receiving the bookmarks she kindly sent in the mail! It was a truly memorable time for my students."

Shelly Seaman

6th Grade ELA Teacher

Providence Middle School

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